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Hazen Buckley-Peet How much staying power does the lipstick have when gloss is put over it? Does it need a “setting” time? I’m kind of a lip gloss addict and I like to wear it over lipstick. So far, the gloss just kills the lipstick no matter how I apply; they both come off very fast.
Our lip gloss is a long wear lip gloss, so it doesn’t take away from the long wear of our lipstick. I use gloss over lip stick all the time and don’t have any trouble. I’ll paste 2 links below. One is a review of the lipsticks and the other is of the lip gloss.
As far as with combining Arbonne with other brands, I don’t know. Arbonne is all that I use, so I don’t know how it would work with a different brand of gloss over it, or vice versa.

Jamie Bimber Kase does the lipstick make your lips feel tight and dried out like some other brands
No! I never wore lipstick until Arbonne came out with this new lipstick in March 2010. It is FABULOUS! It actually has moisturizing properties to it, so it adds moisture to your lips. I am still a gloss girl for normal days, but now when I go out or dress up, I have a lipstick that I love! Below is the info directly from Arbonne’s training on the lipstick.

The lipstick is richly pigmented and glides on smoothly for buildable coverage. With advanced moisturizing ingredients, this lipstick will last all day, leaving your lips conditioned and moisturized.
The new Arbonne Cosmetics line was tested with a third party research group, for clinical performance and user preference evaluation with consumers. Results were determined with instrumentation to measure breathability, long-lasting wear, and moisturization levels of the lips.
The Lipstick demonstrated an immediate increase in lip moisture content. Fifteen minutes after application, the product was wiped off and the moisture content of the lips was measured. The moisture content increased nearly 37% versus baseline (no product applied).

Misty Scarbrough-babb dou carry night cream for wrinkles and to refresh
Yes, we do! We have an Anti-Aging Skin Care Line (RE9 Advanced), A Basic Skin Care Line (FC5), as well as baby care, cosmetics, body care, and nutrition and weight management products. πŸ™‚

Madelin Field I haven’t had the chance to try these products but have heard a lot about them:) What would be a few items you would highly recommend to a first time buyer and why??
It really depends what they are looking for. Most people love our Awaken Sea Salt Scrub and it has a nice fresh scent that is great for men or women. I also recommend our RE9 Advanced Line to anyone who is wanting to fight the signs of aging. For more basic skin care, the FC5 is great. The ABC Baby Care Line is fantastic for young children or anyone with eczema. For those looking to manage their weight, the protein shakes are great and the protein powder can be used to make shakes, smoothies, or protein bars. I also love the shea butter lotion and wash. Our makeup primer is fantastic to put on before foundation to give a smooth, flawless look and help foundation stay on all day. The lash enhancer is great for anyone wanting to thicken their lashes and doesn’t carry the risk of some of the prescriptions that are out there. I also love the Renewing Gelee on burns and sore muscles. The 5-in-1 Massage Oil is fantastic as well!

Nikki Byrd Do you get alot of orders for the mens line?
Yes, the Men’s RE9 Advanced line is extremely popular. I do have some men that use the FC5 line instead. (Generally those under 30).

LaNette Beck How long have you been selling it?
I’ve been with Arbonne since August 2007.

Alicia McMahon Do you have to use any specific product of arbonne after you use the clarifying mask? (My face burns for a few days after using it)
No, although most people use a moisturizer after it. It shouldn’t make your face burn though. A slight warmth is normal, but only for 20 mins or so. You might be having a slight reaction to one of the ingredients. Even botanical ingredients can cause a reaction if you have a sensitivity to it.

Linda Nowels do u have foot cream 4 dry cracked feet?
Yes, the FC5 Foot Creme.

Mary Mcmenamy love lotions what scents do you carry?
Arbonne doesn’t use artificial fragrances like many of the other companies in the US. We don’t believe in using them because they cause skin issues, as well as causing harm over time. We use natural fragrance from fruit oils. Our FC5 products have a light, fresh scent. The RE9 Firming Body Creme has an orange scent from the Vit C. The SeaSource products have a clean, spa scent that is extremely relaxing. Awaken Lotion is a citrus scent meant to wake you up. Unwind Lotion is a relaxing lavender scent that will relax you. Our baby line doesn’t have a scent because it is meant to be mild for a baby’s skin.

Aubrey Turley What makes arbonne’s shampoo and conditioner worth buying? What sets it apart?
It is sulfate free. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or petrochemicals (from crude oil). The Intelligence shampoo contains tea tree oil which is great for dry scalps and for lice prevention. The FC5 line is great for all hair types.

Teresa L Parsley My question is similiar, I havent tried arbonne yet, do you have face cream for older women?
Yes, our RE9 Advanced Set is our Anti-Aging Set. In that line, there is a cleanser, toner, serum, eye creme, day creme, and night creme. They can be purchased as a set or separately.

Melissa Sanchez why should I use Arbonne’s Baby products compared to other baby products on the market?
Arbonne’s Baby Care line is extremely gentle and adheres to all of our ingredient policies. It doesn’t contain any mineral oil or any preservatives that release formaldehyde. It is also very effective. The majority of main stream products for babies really aren’t safe. I posted this article the other day. It talks about some of the chemicals that were found in baby care off the shelves of stores. The chemicals found in these products can cause skin conditions, cancer, and many other health problems. Here is the article: http://consumerist.com/2009/03/baby-products-now-with-formaldehyde.html

Madelin Field How much is the initial kit to get started?? I know with most parties for products there are different kits you can purchase…
Arbonne just has one starter kit for consultants. It is $109 to get started. For those that cost is an issue, we can collect your first orders before ordering your starter kit. That way you make the money to pay for your starter kit and don’t pay out of your pocket. Arbonne also has a Strong Start Program that is free for consultants to participate in. Strong Start Graduates receive $700 in free product of their choice. πŸ™‚


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Kimberly Conover Dickerson Are Arbonne’s products considered vegan? No animal by products?
Yes, Arbonne products are all Vegan Certified. Our ingredient policy is here: http://arbonne.com/products/index.asp

Crystal Waldroff As a consultant have you tried every product?
I’ve tried almost every product. There are some shades of blush, lipsticks, etc that I don’t use because they look bad on my skin coloring. We use pretty much everything else because we replaced our old products with Arbonne once we learned about the what other companies were using in their products. And I get paid to shop with myself. πŸ˜‰

Brittany Riley about how my arbonne products are sold a year?
Actual products? I’m not sure because there are consultants in 4 countries selling and we have over 500 products that they could be selling. Our sales are on average $500 million each year. Our CEO has a goal to make that $2 Billion by 2015. πŸ™‚

Raymond Manduley is there many male consultants?
Yes, there are more and more joining all the time. Here are the links to a few of their stories.

Cindy Pate Simpson does it take up alot of you time to try and sale the products?
Arbonne is my full time job, so I work at it a couple hours each day. I have others on my team that work a full time job still, so they are working Arbonne in the nooks and crannies of their days. Some make phone calls on their lunch breaks. Some do a party a couple nights a week or 2 on Saturday. Whatever works for them. One of my favorite things about Arbonne is that we can set our own schedules and make it work for us. One of the things I do is to help my team set goals that work for their lives.

Aubrey Turley What is the most rewarding part of working for Arbonne?
I started my business for myself and my family, but once I started to help others build their businesses, I quickly realized that for me, that is the most rewarding part. I love helping Mommies stay home with their babies, husbands retire early so they can spend time with their family, and families get to take vacations and have family time without having to ask a boss.

Bryan Terrill What percentage of sales is mens stuff
That’s hard to track because most of our items are for men or women, like the FC5 line. It is a neutral, fresh scent and I have clients that are men and women who use it. There are some line’s like RE9 Advanced for Men that are made specifically to appeal to men, but I have many women who use the shave gel on their legs. For me personally, most of my clients are women, but they are purchasing for themselves and their entire families including husbands and sons. We also have an entire nutrition line that is extremely popular with men because of the vitamins and protein shakes.

Niki Hamilton do you enjoy selling Arbonne?
I do! I love Arbonne’s products, and love helping people get the best price on them. I also enjoy educating people about the ingredients that are being used in the beauty and health/wellness industries and how harmful they can be. I love that Arbonne doesn’t use any of that junk in our products.

Kendra Lewis What is your favorite Arbonne product?
This is by far the toughest question. lol. For me, I would say my RE9 Advanced Skin Care Set, but if I have to pick just one product in the set it would be the Smoothing Facial Cleanser. Without it my face breaks out like crazy. For my husband, his pick is the Joint Supplement because he works with his hands daily and they ache if he doesn’t take his joint supplement. My pick for him would be the Omega-3 supplement because his family has a history of high cholesterol.

Lacey Krentz What is your favorite product to recommend to all of your clients?
Our RE9 Advanced Firming Body Creme is so much fun to watch them try. I have them put it on the back of one hand, but not the other. Within 5 minutes, most everyone sees a difference in the two hands. The Firming Body Creme tightens the skin and smooths wrinkles and lines.

Alicia McMahon Do you have alot of clients that repeat buy, or do you find that you have alot of one time buyers?
Most of my clients are return customers. There will always be those people who are buying at a party to support a friend, or who are product/brand hoppers (lol), but by far the majority reorder. Once they’ve tried Arbonne, they love the products and want to continue getting them. Most will go ahead and become a Preferred Client so that they can receive 20% off all of their orders. Once they become a Preferred Client, their ID is tied to my business. That means that when they go online as a Preferred Client and order, Arbonne credits me for that sale, so I get the commission on my check from Arbonne.

Nikki Byrd Why Arbonne? What what made you think this is the company I would love to be in?
I loved the products. I loved the ingredient policy and extremely high standard of integrity. Along with that comes an amazing compensation plan that is better than any other company I’ve seen. I regularly compare compensation plans because I get asked questions about them, and Arbonne is the best I’ve ever found. I also love the people. We are a lot different than many of the other companies I’ve seen. There isn’t all of the competition between consultants and drama that goes on in some companies. We all support each other and want to help each other.

Erin Smith What is your most popular Arbonne product?
I would say the RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care is what I sell the most of.

Loretta Minogue How long have you been an Arbonne Independent Consultant?
I joined Arbonne in August 2007.

Penny Gray McGee What are some rewards you have received from the company?
I am going on a trip to the Bahamas with my husband in August. Arbonne is paying for our 5 night, 6 day stay at the Atlantis Resort, giving us $1000 for airfare or shopping, and paying for all meals except lunches. I have also earned jewelry from Arbonne. They give out a special Arbonne key necklace to new consultants. All consultants can earn Tiffany Jewelry as well. I’ve also earned cash incentives, free products, samples, Coach purses, and lots more.

Ann Fudge how much does it cost to join?
Our starter kit is $109. I’ve helped many woman start with no out of pocket expense though, by collecting orders before we sign them up. The orders cover the cost of the sign up fee, so it’s not coming out of their pocket. You can also earn $700 in free product as a new consultant.

Jenice Mckin What is the best product?
Our RE9 Advanced Anti-aging Skin Care is what we are most well known for, but our Essentials nutrition and weight management line is fabulous as well! We have over 500 products, so it’s hard to choose.

Brittany Doerfler what product is your personal favorite
I can’t live without my RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care. All of my clients have different favorites though. πŸ™‚
Robyn Ely I subscribed / Do they do incentive giveaways ?
Do you mean for consultants or clients? Arbonne typically does specials for clients every couple months, and I do specials for my clients from time to time as well. When someone signs up as a Preferred Client, they are eligible to pick out any single item for free (Up to $99 value) when they place an order of $150+. They get 20% off of that, so aren’t paying $150. They are also eligible to purchase $350, get $350 for free when they sign up or in the following month. A lot of people use this to switch over completely to Arbonne. Some will split it with a friend or friends. Here are this month’s specials: https://secure.myarbonne.com/arbonne/megancurtis.nsf/p1/1?OpenDocument&specialspage=1. Arbonne also does special trips, gifts, prizes, and incentives for clients. Our Strong Start Program is always available to new consultants and helps them earn $700 in free product.

Jamie Bimber Kase your opinion on prices
When I first looked at a catalog, I didn’t understand the pricing. Once I tried the products though, I understood. The ingredients that Arbonne uses are much more expensive than the fillers and garbage in other products. (Many use mineral oil (from crude oil), animal glycerin (animal fat from rendering plants), and other chemicals that are harmful and can cause cancer. The FDA doesn’t regulate the beauty industry like it should, so American beauty products are terrible. Because Arbonne has a Swiss Heritage, our products aren’t even in the same category. Arbonne would be in the category with companies like La Prarie which is priced 6 times higher than Arbonne’s prices. Also, because our products are extremely concentrated (no fillers) they last much longer. The RE9 Advanced Set lasts my clients an average of 5-7 months, where their old brands would only last 1-2 months. I have a few ladies who make their sets last 9-12 months. The nice thing is that when they become a Preferred Client, they can purchase $350, get $350 for free. A lot of them will go in with a friend and each get an RE9 Set. Then when their sets run out, they do a Buy $350, Get $350 again, so they’re getting product at 50% off. πŸ™‚

Elizabeth Oxfurth are there products that dont make oily/combo skin break out even more?
Arbonne has 2 main skin care lines; RE9 Advanced and FC5. RE9 Advanced works with any skin type and is our anti-aging line. I had severe acne that would not go away. When I started using RE9 Advanced, my face cleared up in about 2 wks. The FC5 line is what my husband uses. There are products for Normal/Dry and products for Oily/Combo. The oily/combo products are perfect for those who have mild breakouts they want to manage. We also have an acne line called Clear Advantage that I recommend to teens and young adults to clear their acne.

LaNette Beck What do you like most about the products?
That they are pure, safe, and beneficial and provide AMAZING results!
Blazin Saddle Do you have to put long hours in selling Arbonne Produdts?
Every consultant has different goals for their business and sets their hours around their lives. I do Arbonne full-time, so I work more hours than some of the consultants on my team. Generally about 10-15 hours/week. That replaced my 40 hours at a job that I hated. If a consultant does 2 parties/week that is about 4-5 hours, and then if you make a couple phone calls or emails each day, that adds another 2 hours or so, so about 6-8 hours a week is average for my team. It really is up to what each person wants though. πŸ™‚ I always help new consultants set goals that work for their schedule and gives them to income they’re needing or wanting.

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Wow! You all came up with some wonderful questions! I love it! I am going to answer each question below. πŸ™‚

Brittany Riley is it harder than you thought when you started?
My goal with Arbonne is to become a National Vice President, which is the top level in Arbonne. It isn’t harder than I thought, but it does take a bit of learning and time to get to that top level. As far as the day to day consultant activities, I’ve found ways to simplify things and keep myself on track. The Consultant Planner and Activity Tracker that comes in our Starter Kit is a huge help with that. Also, direct sales is becoming so mainstream, that most people want to help and support you.

Teresa L Parsley Where is Arbonne mainly based?
Arbonne was started in Switzerland in 1980, but our corporate headquarters are in the US in Irvine, California. Our Research and Development lab is in Switzerland. We adhere to ingredient policies in Switzerland. For instance, in Switzerland, it is illegal to use mineral oil in cosmetic and beauty products, because it is harmful. Arbonne does not use mineral oil, although in the US it is still legal to do so because our FDA does not properly regulate the beauty industry. Arbonne is sold in 4 countries as of today; USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Products are made in the country they are sold in, and we have warehouses in each country, as well as headquarters in each.

Alysa Willeford Young How much does it cost to become a consultant?
Arbonne’s starter kit is $109. You receive a full starter kit from Arbonne, Access to training, conference calls, and Arbonne University, Training from your sponsor, Access to Strong Start Program where you can receive $700 in free product from Arbonne, and more. When someone joins my Arbonne team, I help them launch their business, set up their Arbonne page and Facebook page if they want those, do their first few parties, earn the free trip for that year (if they want to go), help them launch new consultants onto their team, and any other help or training that they need. I also do special incentives for my team where I reward them for their efforts each month and they can earn custom made jewelry, business aids, movie tickets, product, and more.

Jamie Bimber Kase how does your baby products compare to johnson’s?
Arbonne asks that consultants not say anything that is demeaning towards other companies, so I am going to be respectful of that and word this as kindly as I can. Arbonne’s Baby Care line is extremely gentle and adheres to all of our ingredient policies. It doesn’t contain any mineral oil or any preservatives that release formaldehyde. It is also very effective. As far as comparing it to other products, take a minute to read this article and draw your own conclusions. πŸ™‚ http://consumerist.com/2009/03/baby-products-now-with-formaldehyde.html

Marisa Latham What type of products does ARBONNE carry??? sory dont know much about ot
Arbonne offers botanically-based products that are pure, safe, and beneficial. Our product lines include skin care, body care, baby care, hair care, spa, cosmetics, nutrition, vitamins, weight loss.
Arbonne Products Are:

Vegan Certified (No animal products or by-products)
Made without Parabens, PABA, Pthalates, Benzene, Toluene, Petrolatum, Mineral
Oil, or other Petroleum Products
Made without any formaldehyde-donating preservatives

Our nutrition products are also made without gluten, artificial sweeteners,
artificial flavors, artificial colors, cholesterol, saturated fats, or trans

Maddison Paige was it hard to get started??
No, Arbonne makes it really simple. They actually just redid our starter kit in September (It’s a lot cooler than the one I got when I started in Aug 2007. lol). The new kit includes a workbook that guides you through your first 30, 60, and 90 days, helps you set goals, figure out who to talk to about the products, and a lot of other things. The only hard part if not being afraid to do it, but that is what your sponsor is there to help you with.

Cindy Pate Simpson do you honestly like it?
I do. πŸ™‚ I love Arbonne’s products, and would use them even if I wasn’t a consultant. More than the products though, it is amazing to see lives change as people are able to build the life that they want to live thanks to Arbonne’s income opportunity and the time flexibility. Not to mention that Arbonne spoils it’s consultants. Each year we can earn a free trip, we can earn Tiffany jewelry, Cash incentives, plus monthly gifts just for doing our jobs. πŸ™‚

Diandra Hinson Vega how long did it take you to get a customer base going?
I started with my family and friends and asked them to host parties for me in my first couple months. Then I booked parties at those parties and ended up with hostesses that I didn’t know before that night. The majority of my clients are people that I never knew before starting my business. As far as my Facebook Page, I started out on Feb 1st with 167 fans and all of them were either other Arbonne consultants that I know or family, friends, or current clients. It took me a year to get to that point because I didn’t know how to build or use my page. I started reading a newsletter that teaches how to do your page. Since Feb 1st, I went from 167 fans to over 700…less than 2 months. From now on I will be teaching all the consultants on my team how to work a Facebook Page if they want to. I also teach them how to grow their customer base when they are starting out, and will help them call people if they need help with that.

Raymond Manduley do you make good money?
Right now I am at the first level in Arbonne. I make between $1500 and $2000 on an average month. Part of that is my 35% commission and part of that is from Arbonne’s bonuses, team incentives, etc. I am getting read to promote to the 2nd level in Arbonne and will make about $3500/month then. Income really depends on how much the person is wanting. Some people come in and only do 1-2 parties a month, so they will make less than those doing 6-8. πŸ™‚

Wende Shull Sampson Raymond took my question..lol..wondering how much it pays also?
I answered your question above. πŸ™‚

Cindy Bryant do you get samples to give out to people if they have never heard of the products?
We have to buy our samples from Arbonne, but they are very inexpensive and they are also tax deductible, so I claim them as a business expense on taxes each year. Arbonne also does an incentive each month where you can earn free samples from Arbonne and use them however you want. πŸ™‚

Princess Mia what change you got in your life after becoming a consultant? What benefit did U get?
I love the income…lol. I also love being able to set my own schedule and work my business around my life. It’s great to decide what I want to do each day instead of being told by a boss. I also love helping others grow their businesses and watch as they check off the goals and dreams that they have for themselves.

Tammy Tracy Castonguay How many shows a month do you do?
I do 6-8 usually, which is about 1-2 a week. Parties are about 2 hours at the most, so that is just 4 hours a week on average. Some consultants do more, but I’ve found that 6-8 is plenty for consistent growth and still gives you time for the other things in your life. Sometimes I will also do a booth at a fair or vendor expo. I normally find tables that are around $25 for the day and use them to meet new people and book parties. Some people choose not to build with parties and just meet with clients one on one and use sample packs. I use a combination of parties and meeting people one on one. It really just depends on if that person is wanting to hot a party or just order product.

Aubrey Turley What is the one arbonne product that I should invest in? If I could only choose one.
This is by far the toughest question. lol. For me, I would say my RE9 Advanced Skin Care Set, but if I have to pick just one product in the set it would be the Smoothing Facial Cleanser. Without it my face breaks out like crazy. For my husband, his pick is the Joint Supplement because he works with his hands daily and they ache if he doesn’t take his joint supplement. My pick for him would be the Omega-3 supplement because his family has a history of high cholesterol.

Alicia McMahon Do you feel like there is too many Arbonne reps in your area?
Not at all. I get referrals through my site all the time and on Facebook, from people who are just learning about Arbonne. At our training conference, Arbonne announced that we have a 1% awareness rate. That means that in the US, only 1% of citizens know what Arbonne is, and we’ve been in business since 1980. There is huge room for growth. Right now we are at $500 million/year in sales. Our CEO wants to grow to $2 billion by 2015! Also, I can build a team in my home town, or in any of the 4 countries that Arbonne is in. It’s great! I live in Missouri and this week I am launching a new consultant in Alaska. I met her on Facebook and helped her to get started.

Chrissy Stewart-Powell WHat is the commission
Consultants make 35% on retail purchases, plus we can earn bonuses each month along with incentives ($) for helping our team build their businesses.

Rose Walker what kind of baby stuff do you have?
We have 5 baby products. Diaper Rash Creme, Baby Oil, Baby Sunscreen, Baby Shampoo/Wash, and Baby Lotion.

Beth Williams does arbonne have nail care products?
We don’t have any nail polishes, but we do have Skin Conditioning Oil that is fantastic for cuticle care. I use it regularly, as does my husband. It is great for natural nails, or the soften cuticles around acrylics.

Terri Jo Wright Placher What product is available to help with acne?
We have an entire acne line called Clear Advantage. In that line there is a wash, toner, medicated moisturizer, spot treatment, and skin supplement.

Melissa Horn is the shampoo and cond highly liked
Yes, I have many clients who use it, and we use it in our home as well. The smell is clean and fresh, but neutral, so men or women can use it. It is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, and won’t fade colored hair. The conditioner also keeps my hair from tangling.

Dawn Wallace Does the shampoo & conditioner has natural ingrediants like tea tree?
The FC5 Shampoo and Conditioner are made with things like kiwi, cucumber, and other fruit oils. The Intelligence Shampoo has Tea Tree Oil and is fantastic for dry hair and scalp. My husband uses the Intelligence Shampoo and the FC5 Conditioner and it has gotten rid of his dry scalp issue, and his hair is so soft. You can actually run your fingers through it now. It used to be so dry that they wouldn’t slide through it. lol

Chris Stolz Turley When I tried the products for acne, I broke out, why?
A lot of times your skin has to be cleaned out before it gets better. When you switch to a line that is made without fillers, mineral oil, and petroleum products, 2 things happen. One, your skin is cleaned out all at once. This brings any impurities to the surface of the skin causing a breakout to appear. Two, if you’ve used products with mineral oil, you can have deposits of that mineral oil trapped just beneath the top layer of the skin. They are too big to soak in all the way and get stuck. When you switch, the mineral oil deposits are cleaned out, but this causes a breakout. Arbonne offers a 45 day money back guarantee on all of their products so that customers can try to products for 4-5 weeks and make sure all of those breakouts clear up. If it still is not working, they can return the leftover products for a refund. πŸ™‚

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