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Upon reading “Through the Storm” I was pleasantly surprised. Lynn Spears tells a captivating story of her life from a young age to the present. She paints a picture of the truth behind the media madness without revealing details of her childrens’ lives. I was slightly disappointed in the writing because she tended to jump around quite a bit. It made the book hard to follow from time to time. She does have a way of writing that draws you in though. Much like sitting in on the front porch sipping lemonade with an old friend. Throughout her life, and this book, Lynn seemed to have a strong, yet misguided faith. She relied upon the wrong people, yet said she relied on God. Her Faith was obviously tested in her lifetime. She at times let others make decisions about her childrens’ lives that she, as a parent, should have made. I was at times disappointed while reading the book because she painted a picture of a fragile woman caught in the hands of fate, when in reality, she wasn’t a martyr. She was naïve. There is a difference. Overall, the book read easily and was informative without invading the privacy of her children or other family members. I would recommend it to others.

*This book was sent to me by the Thomas Nelson Publishing company through their BookSneeze program in exchange for honest review.


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