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Won’t You Call Me Home?

Do you ever have a day when the only thing you can see around you are people drowning? I’ve seen nothing else today. As the election nears, ignorance is everywhere and people are drowning. Drowning in bad choices. Voting for murderers, or even worse, thinking that murdering a child is okay. Drowning in debt because that’s the American way. Drowning in depression because they are living for themselves instead of seeing the bigger picture that their life is a part of. Drowning in their own stupidity. Sometimes I wonder where these people come from. How can someone be so blind to a Truth that is glaringly obvious to so many? It’s just one of those days that make me ready to go Home. A day that makes me feel inadequate in a huge world of lost souls who don’t want to be saved.

\”Slow Fade\” by Casting Crowns


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